Day 10

mei you yao dao che pai hao, yi liao ahi zhong .

felt the relationship is becoming much better now, i don not  is she changed  or am i changed or both? anyway felt good now, like i told her i am so lucky  because of i have two tolerant bosses.

thanks y’all!

i can not kick out someone from heart….

Day 9

I gotta share a wonderful girl who is teaching English in SMIC School as an English teacher.

Yesterday, she went to hospital as a emergency case because only have a little blood. 

Pray for her health, remind her do not eat fried food, more spinach every day….

oh, i would cook some for her. 


God bless you dear my friend!

We always have hope.

we are here with you.

i’m gonna spread some thoughts base on baby.

when i felt hopeless, watching her.

Thanks to my lovely niece.

Day 6

Cooking, playing, reading and rest with a quilt weekend.


印象比较深刻的事我的小宇宙又爆发了一次,不过上帝是美好的,总是那么美好,当我崩溃的是只是小声的呼求;主耶稣帮帮我,帮帮我!有位天使老师就给我了超长的拥抱和默默的陪伴,以至于下午因为体育实在很难调的时候, 只有她的语文课可以动了,as so far,这是我第3或4次打印分发课表给老师们了,而且刚刚发完我认为的最终版,还告诉老师们,只有他们不找我,我不再因为课表找他们了!不到10分钟,有需要调整!Godish. 还让不让我活了!不过anyway, 我都很心平气和的跟每一位老师沟通,咨询他们的想法,然后再找另一位老师,咨询她的意见,再征得同意后再做调整; 天使最给力的一句话是:我无条件支持你的工作;我授权给你了!with a comfort heart!

Thank you jesus, i’ve even known you love me so deeply. but sometimes i still collapsed with mood.  

GOD, Thanks for you dispatching many many angels to surround me. 

I can survive within you!

Day 3

Today, i’ve learnt from teachers which are work with me from school

we have had a whole day meeting to share where we’ve learnt from school’s training and outside training on summer; every teacher has shared a lot important view and some operable  ideas. like 4 ones/week which is 1book,1reading notes… and some other useful information. 

when it turned me to talk about my ideas, even i’ve know i want to talk many my views and feeling, i just told i’ve got my goal since i’ve worked here more than 2 years. that are have a owe family with full of happiness  which means HOME FRONT. That is very important!

And Be a teacher.

and be a good teacher.

and be a famous teacher(not because i like to be papular. the reason is then  i can share more experiences to people who need. in another word is means i have to pay more time and effort on.)

i feel alive again!

Make a good view which stand on a high stage!

August 20, 2014

By Elephant

#4009 LQ

Every day with bright kids would be awesome!

The little boy with flight said: kindergarden’s kids was super childish! and a big kids replied him: you are even just graduated from kindergarden.


The red t-shirt boy always recommend me watch movies, and will check me whether do it.

hope can remember some fragment here when i become older and older will have memories to recall.

Day 1- work/life diary

Hope i will continue to record some thoughts here every day from now on

Sometimes, work is boring, and do not want to do or keep it at last time. 

I have had finish hands works when i got something to do from boss, teachers immediately. but i could not see the result or achievement. so i felt i am not a important person, not like a teacher; which position is like this. everyday did fragment!

last month, l’ve got a personality test that showed i am not happy now, because of i have to do something those i don’t want to!  Agree with some words i am not agree with!  

the only thing i can do is to compromise. 

No exactly right or wrong.

there are a few people would be awesome.

maybe i am just too young to have many ideas.

August 18, 2014

By elephant

with dreams